Choosing wine made easy!

Instantly pair the wine menu to your food choices. WhatWine is the easiest way in a restaurant to find the best wine for your food.


There is indeed an app for that!

Why should choosing wine in a restaurant be such a daunting task? Professional wine stewards, or sommeliers, study long and hard, learning how best to match wines with the delicious foods you and your friends enjoy. How can you be expected to know if a 2009 Malbec Gran Reserva from Argentina is going to be any good at all with beef, tuna AND lamb?

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Just tap on multiple food icons to instantly receive the best recommendations.

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Scanning a wine list is as easy as point and snap.

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We use a database containing millions of wine bottles and their composition.

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We will pair with up to 13 food choices.

Stop staring at the wine list and learn about wine!

Eliminate the pain & embarrassment in choosing wine!

WhatWine employs advanced technologies in character recognition (OCR), and the support of Wine Searcher, a leading online wine database, to recognize and analyze the entries on any wine menu. To find out which one will go best with your order, just tap on any food icon.

The best wines for your food selection will appear at the top of the list.

The wine lists are scanned and indexed by our community of users around the world. If nobody has scanned the wine list of the restaurant you are sitting in, all you have to do is point your phone at the list and snap a full page picture. We handle the rest.

Just sit back and enjoy the food and wine.

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Not all restaurants have a sommelier. WhatWine's opens with a list of all the restaurants around you, with the closest ones at the top. We will act as your personal sommelier from now on!

Just tap on the name of a restaurant to let WhatWine know where you’d like to dine. We’ll load the wine menu from this restaurant or ask you to scan it.

Scanning is very simple. Simply hold your phone up to the full wine list to snap an image of the page. From there, our intelligent sommelier robot will read the image, line by line, identifying each wine. WhatWine requires an active internet connection.


We work hard to make sure that WhatWine is the easiest, simplest app for finding and pairing great wines. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself.

Download the app now, and the next time you visit a restaurant, we will give you a great recommendation on the perfect wine to go with your food. For free. Bon appetit!